Water-Cooled VW Performance Handbook

Water-Cooled VW Performance Handbook, by Greg Raven and Chad Erickson

This is the home page for updates, new material, and other helpful information to accompany the Water-Cooled VW Performance Handbook. the 2011 edition of the 1987 classic Volkswagen Water-Cooled, Front-Drive Performance Handbook and 1999 Water-Cooled Volkswagen Performance Handbook, of which I am the author. If you’re not familiar with this series, take a peek inside the latest edition here.

With the able help of co-author Chad Erickson and the wonderful crew at Motorbooks, Water-Cooled VW Performance Handbook is available in a stunning new edition.

By way of introduction, Chad Erickson has owned and operated SCI Performance, a noted Minneapolis Volkswagen tuning shop, for more than 20 years. Before that, he worked as a Volkswagen dealer technician for five years. He lives in Wayzata, MN.

This book is for anyone who wants to turn his VW into a high-performance machine. Chad Erickson explains everything from low-buck bolt-ons to CNC-machined mods. Learn how to choose, install, tune, and maintain performance equipment for Golfs, GTIs, Jettas, Passats, and more. This book will help improve your VW’s engine, transmission and clutch, ignition, carburetion/fuel injection, suspension and handling, brakes, body, and chassis. In its 3rd edition, Water-Cooled VW Performance Handbook is now updated to include new engines, body styles, and modifications for the 1986–2008 model years.

Not only has Chad brought the book up to date, but all the photos are now in color. Motorbooks modernized the layout and fixed all the glitches from the previous editions. The edges of the pages are even color-coded for quick access using the key on the back cover. Simply put, this new 2011 edition is gorgeous.

The Water-Cooled VW Performance Handbook is available on-line, from quality book stores, and VW aftermarket sources.

ISBN-10: 0760337667
ISBN-13: 978-0760337660

The President of the Library of Alexandria in Egypt accepts a copy of Water-Cooled VW Performance Handbook from a loyal reader.

Open Library

The first two editions of this book are listed on Open Library if you need to find someplace to borrow or otherwise locate a copy. (They’re not available as e-books.)

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