Communism, American Enemy #1

Fellow Patriot:

If you have been watching the news lately, you might think that American Enemy Number One, Communism, is nothing more than a footnote in the history books. Don’t you believe it! Communism is alive and well and is just as strong as ever … and its goal is still world domination. Our panty-waist elected officials are up to their usual tricks. The best of them ignore the problem while the worst of them actually seem to be aiding and abetting the spread of this vile force into our very homes.

What you can do to combat Communism

We have formed the Citizen’s Committee Committed to Purity (CCCP) to show our leaders in Washington (and elsewhere) what we Americans are made of. And the first order of business is to stop the Communist threat, once and for all. We are asking all patriotic citizens to help our cause by following this simple 7½ step program:

1.   See that others are fully and correctly informed about the nature and dangers of Communism. Communists often gain their first converts through the use of welfare payments, centralized banking, foreign aid, and satanic rituals.

2.   Encourage religion in your community. Communists fear the word of God, and the resulting revenue loss from tax-exempt church-owned properties.

3.   Take an active interest in public affairs. Let legislators know that Communism will win unless we make the playing field level through tariffs, consumer-protection regulations, import quotas, stronger unions, and price supports.

4.   Endorse and campaign for candidates who understand the threat that Communism poses to us all. Ask whether your candidate supports increased military spending, and then vote accordingly.

5.   Be fair with your government and your fellow workers. Give as much as you can, and take only what you need.

6.   Take a vital interest in the education of your children. It’s not too late for them to grow up exactly like you.

7.   Don’t join groups, don’t sign petitions, unless you first investigate them. Communists have so perverted the meanings of such American words as freedom, peace, youth, mother, democracy, and citizen that you should question any organization until you know who is really behind it.

7½. If any evidence of Communism should come to your attention, get in touch with your nearest FBI office. Give them all the facts and then forget about it, unless asked by the FBI to do otherwise.

Our great nation was founded by revolting against the British. Now it is time for all hard-working, taxpaying Americans to revolt against the Communist threat. Workers of the world, unite!

Yours in Freedom,

Joseph Hill

Secretary-General, CCCP