Roller Bowling

Dear Sports Enthusiast —

Harvey Cheesette, inventor of the popular recumbent games Cow Commander® and Tower Marksman™, cordially invites you to the grand debut of his first semi-active leisure-time activity, Roller Bowling©.

Combining the anything-can-happen unpredictability of roller skating and the head-long rush of bowling, Roller Bowling is certain to please oldsters of all ages. Once you start down the lane, you won’t be able to stop!

Bring your own skates and bowling ball, or we will provide them for you. Monday evening, November 31, 1994, 9:00 m.m.

Afterwards, Mr. Cheesette will be the guest of honor at an informal cocktail hour, where you may ask him about Roller Bowling or about his new book, St. Christopher: Holy Icon or Kick-Ass Party Animal? B.Y.O.M.

For further information, contact:

In The Alley
(formerly Lois Lanes)
7734 Perdition
Bueno Loco, CA 90000
(900) 976-BOWL