A Love to Tell

Hard lines grow soft and blend with shadow patterns
Edges dull and flow like memories
The breathing slows, the body now completed
The beings bound so close are somehow free

Peace comes to restore a tortured body
Peaceful dreams invade on hostile thoughts
Two lives revolving slowly ’round each other
The gravity is happiness not taught

’Though holding tight will never stop the night time
And screaming out will never make it hear
The love that’s lost and found within one moment
Will help you find a way and tell you when you’re near

A careless candid jump into illusion
A cautious and premeditated end
But perfect love like ours will never suffer
And loneliness has ceased to be a friend

Hard lives dissolve to leave soft shadowed patterns
The distance telescopes and auras merge
A swiftly moving stillness flows around us
Insight is ours although our eyes are closed