Book review: A Dangerous Man, by Robert Crais

Better than average, but not Crais’ best (August 12, 2019)

A Dangerous Man, by Robert Crais

Although Elvis Cole does appear in this book, it’s really about promoting the Joe Pike legend. There are a few more details about Pike and what he does when he’s not working as Cole’s business partner, so the depth of the legend isn’t increased so much as given a good shine.

There are a couple of plot lapses for convenience, a couple of instances of foreshadowing that are not paid off later, and a silly misstatement about ammunition, but over all even a mediocre Robert Crais book is better than average, so it’s still a great read.

I put it down for a couple of days after finishing it, and now I’m back to read it again (at the expense of the Mark van Name book I had been reading before A Dangerous Man hit the shelves).