Book review: Smashing WordPress: Beyond the Blog, by Thord Daniel Hedengren

Great content, lousy editing (February 18, 2012)


There are few things I hate worse than books in this genre that merely repeat what any intelligent person could learn by looking at the product and/or using it for an hour or two. That’s why this book is so valuable. It assumes you have a couple of brain cells to rub together, and for the most part covers how to aspects of WordPress beyond the basics. I personally also found the author’s writing style to be well suited for the subject matter.

That said, this book must have been rushed to print, because it’s difficult to see how there could have been more typographical errors without some sort of diabolical compact between the author and publisher. Some of the typos are simply aggravating, but some are in the code examples, too. Fortunately, the author’s writing style is clear enough that you can sense when something isn’t right, and correct examples later in the book will usually confirm your suspicions. Still, the lack of proofreading detracts from the professional presentation of the book.