Book review: Spygate: The Attempted Sabotage of Donald J. Trump by Dan Bongino, D.C. McAllister, and Matt Palumbo

Exposing what may be the greatest political scandal in American history (December 24, 2018)


I’ve head Dan Bongino speak about aspects of this book, and he gives the impression of having a good grasp of the facts and the surrounding issues. Despite thinking I’m pretty well informed about the Deep State’s (my term, not the authors’) attacks on Trump, I bought the book.

Reading it, I was impressed all over again because the authors go into incredible detail, not only on parts of it I thought I knew, but also on parts about which I was unaware. Even though the players and their motivations can be convoluted, the authors do an excellent job of keeping their prose clear, and reiterating the key points. The timeline at the back is a fantastic resource, as well.

Perhaps the most surprising thing to me was that even though the authors reveal several instances of corruption by the Clinton crime family, there is little overlap between their revelations and those in Clinton Cash, by Peter Schweizer, and his book seemed pretty comprehensive. How much more corruption can there be from this crew?

The authors also come up with a reason why the Deep State (again, my term, not theirs) is so committed to promoting the false narrative of Russian collusion by Trump or the Trump campaign.

So, great facts, great detail, and great prose, dealing with one of the biggest issues of our time. This combination makes Spygate a must-read for everyone concerned about our country.