Book review: The Russia Hoax by Gregg Jarrett

The Illicit Scheme to Clear Hillary Clinton and Frame Donald Trump (March 20, 2019)

The Russia Hoax

During speeches on the campaign trail, Donald Trump’s audiences would sometimes chant, Lock her up! in reference to Hillary Clinton’s manifold transgressions over the years. If they had read this book, they would have been chanting, Lock them ALL up.

Author Gregg Jarrett is a Fox News Channel anchor with a background as a defense attorney. In The Russia Hoax, he not only lays out facts that destroy any possible claim that the Trump campaign worked with Russians or with Russian interests to secure the presidency, he also goes down the long list of those responsible for the various false claims that there was collusion, while pointing out for those just tuning in that collusion would not have been a crime even if it had occurred.

Jarrett reveals the names of those involved in what can only be called an attempted coup of a duly-elected president by the Deep State, and shows the connections among them.

Then he goes two steps further.

First, he enumerates actual, provable crimes committed by those involved in the Deep State coup.

Second, he cites chapter and verse of the actual laws broken.

The only question most of us will have after reading The Russia Hoax, is why no one at the DOJ has used the information in this book as a roadmap to charging, convicting, and imprisoning everyone involved in this sordid mess, from Hillary Clinton on down. Jarrett writes:

… [H]igh-ranking officials at the FBI and DOJ could and should be prosecuted for using their positions of authority to abuse the law and the constitutional rights of American citizens. At least six different felony statutes appear to have been broken.


It cannot be overlooked that the actions of Hillary Clinton and her campaign, together with the Democratic National Committee (DNC), appear to have violated at least two laws.

The main criticism I have is that since The Russia Hoax came out nine months ago, there is substantive new information that is not included in the book. However, each piece of new information so far has bolstered Jarrett’s work. We can only hope that there are still some good persons at the FBI and DOJ who are working to bring these criminals to justice.