Welcome to my world

Thanks for visiting my web space. I’m typically going in so many directions that I don’t have time to create content for this site. However, I can offer some odds and ends that would otherwise be spinning cold and lonely in the black void of my hard drive. Feel free to look around. — Greg Raven

Menu selections for Thursday

Basque Room

First Courses

Salad of Calamari & piquillo peppers

— or —

Garbure Basquaise Maigre (vegetarian Basque cabbage & white bean soup)

— or —

La “Piperade” (omelet with jambon cru, red & green peppers)

Main Courses

“Our Little Paella” (shrimp, chicken, pork, squid, clams, mussels)

— or —

Local black cod (brandade-stuffed piquillo peppers)

— or —

Roast leg of lamb “Basquaise” (with espelette pepper, stewed garbanzos)


Gâteau Basque (with cherry jam & pastry cream)

— or —

Flan with oranges

— or —

Mousse au chocolat mi-amer

— or —

Ossau traty — a Basque cheese (from C’est Cheese)

Service begins promptly at 5:30