Welcome to my world

Thanks for visiting my web space. I’m typically going in so many directions that I don’t have time to create content for this site. However, I can offer some odds and ends that would otherwise be spinning cold and lonely in the black void of my hard drive. Feel free to look around. — Greg Raven

Today’s menu offerings

Continental Room

First Courses

A chowder of lobster, lotte, and corn

— or —

Six freshly-shucked oysters on the half shell


Salad of endive, watercress, and mushrooms with a Chardonnay mustard dress­ing

— or —

Hearts of romaine in a classic Cæsar dressing with parmesan cheese and croûtons

— or —

Warm salad of curly chickory with Maytag blue cheese, tarragon, and country bacon

Main Courses

Shenandoah Valley trout chargrilled with a Chardonnay cream and fresh chervil

— or —

Filet of Dover sole, sauteed meunière with a custard of artichoke and mushroom

— or —

Fresh lobster in ragoût with turned winter vegetables

— or —

Filet of Alaskan salmon chargrilled with a sauce of lemon juice, flat-leaf parsley, and olive oil


Hot puff pastry apple tart with an apple brandy custard sauce (please allow 15 minutes)

— or —

Frozen raspberry soufflé with a raspberry coulis and whipped cream

— or —

Hot maple and black walnut pie with Jack Daniels ice cream

Service begins promptly at 5:30