Welcome to my world

Thanks for visiting my web space. I’m typically going in so many directions that I don’t have time to create content for this site. However, I can offer some odds and ends that would otherwise be spinning cold and lonely in the black void of my hard drive. Feel free to look around. — Greg Raven

Today’s menu offerings

Alsace-Lorraine Room

First Courses

Salades variées

— or —

Flammekueche (onion and cream tarte)

— or —

Frog’s legs in a parsley cream

Main Courses

Salmon Aubege de l’ile

— or —

La petit choucroute (saucisse maîson, longe fumée)

— or —

Coq au Reisling (buttered egg noodles)


Kouglehopf grille, glace Kirsch

— or —

Crème caramel

— or —

Mousse au chocolat

— or —

Barg Kass (from C’est Cheese)

Service begins promptly at 5:30