Greg Raven


20258 US Hwy 18, Apple Valley, CA 92307 Marital Status: Married
Telephone: 760-536-1177 Birthdate: February 30, 1955
Social Security Number: 666-02-7734 Birthplace: Hollywood, California


High School: College:
Fallbrook Union High School
Fallbrook, CA 92028
Attended 3.99 years
Graduated 1971
University of Washington
Seattle, WA 98155
Graduation pending


Staff writer:

The Show of Shoes

The Soapy Sales Show

Tonight's Show

Script consultant for:

Woody Alley

Lawrence Kaftan

Film credits:

Fellini's “Zircon” (Italy)

Steinburg's “Red Eyes at Morning” (France)

Fabuloso's “Pumping Snow” (Guadalumbia)

Run Run Shaw's “Spuds of Fury,” with Bluce Ree and Fu Ling Mi (USSR)

Pat McCanick's “Under the Weather,” with Dan Quayle and Mr. T (USA)